The Festival Of My Favorite Fruit

I woke up Saturday morning thinking HOORAY! Today is the day I go to the festival that celebrates my favorite fruit! The morning of the Watermelon Festival started early – 5:20 am to be exact. I would like to give a special shout-out to Ginger Williams for also getting up at the crack of dawn […]

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Last Tuesday, I had the incredible opportunity of visiting the pediatric wing of the Children’s Hospital. In my interview, when I was competing for the title of the 68th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess, the judges asked me what I wanted my legacy to be; and among the things I listed, I said I wanted […]

Happy Fourth, Princess Lilly!

This year I spent the Fourth of July a little differently: I had the immense pleasure of traveling to Southport and participating in their Fourth of July Parade! I had actually never been to Southport before this, and I loved everything about it! I would like to give a HUGE thank you to this year’s Azalea […]

Rise Up: The Crowning of 2016 Miss North Carolina

The feeling you have right after you hear your name called for a title you have worked tirelessly for is indescribable; you know in that moment that all of your hard work has paid off. This weekend at the Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen and Miss North Carolina Pageants, I got to watch two contestants […]

Beautiful Views & The Best Burgers In Town

The Rhododendron Festival celebrates the beautiful Rhododendrons that grow on Roan Mountain, host to the largest population of Rhododendrons in the world. The Rhododendrons on Roan are not allowed to be picked EXCEPT to make the bouquets for the winners of the Rhododendron Festival. The festival itself is a two-day event beginning on Friday night […]

Festival Fever

Wow, Azalea Festival Week was over one month ago and yet I am still suffering from ongoing “Festival Fever.” For those of you who are curious about what exactly Azalea Festival week consists of, I am about to share! However, there are so many people I need to thank so of course I am going to […]

My “Crowning” Achievement

WOW! It has officially been one whole week since I was crowned the 68th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess and I can honestly it has been my “crowning” achievement. Before I get into all that I have accomplished this week, there are many people I would like to thank: God– With you anything is possible. […]

Princess Farewell

I don’t even know where to begin my last blog entry. My year as your 67th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess has been absolutely incredible. I have been so many places across the state of North Carolina, met lots of wonderful people, made new friends, and done so many amazing things! This experience has been […]

Hometown Christmas Lights

An evening Christmas Parade in my own hometown…what could be better than that??? I truly enjoyed being a part of this Christmas tradition right here in Wilmington.  I really enjoyed the fact that this was a nighttime parade and we got to decorate our Jeep from Neuwirth with Christmas lights and fun decorations. Keeping with […]

Dogs In Elf Suits

During my time as Princess, I have come to realize that the people of the Brunswick County beaches are some of the friendliest around. I always feel SO welcome when I go there. This time was no exception.  The Oak Island Christmas Parade was a lot of fun. It is obvious that this is a […]