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A great place to visit, an even better place to live.

The area is referred to as the Cape Fear Region. The name comes Sir Richard Grenville, from the 1585 expedition as he was sailing to Roanoke Island his ship became trapped behind the cape. Some of the crew were afraid they would wreck, giving rise to the name Cape Fear

Cape Fear is the coastal plain and tidewater region of North Carolina with the center being the city of Wilmington. The Cape Fear River also flows through the region and empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the cape.

Long recognized for its mild and sunny climate, and beautiful white-sand beaches the Cape Fear Region has legendary southern hospitality and easy access to world-renowned golf courses.

The region is made up of 4 counties;  New Hanover Brunswick Pender and Columbus.  The combinations of these counties make up historic downtowns with restaurants, water walkways, and boutique shopping. The counties also are rich in beauty with pristine beaches and riverfront parks. New Hanover boasts the North Carolina Azalea Festival each year that is rich with history and pageantry.  It is an annual spring event you will not want to miss. Many of the visitors get caught up in the city’s celebration and charm and end up becoming permanent residents.  For more information on the Azalea Festival visit: https://ncazaleafestival.org/

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