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What Will Your Legacy Be?

FullSizeRender2Last Tuesday, I had the incredible opportunity of visiting the pediatric wing of the Children’s Hospital. In my interview, when I was competing for the title of the 68th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess, the judges asked me what I wanted my legacy to be; and among the things I listed, I said I wanted to make more visits to the children in the hospital. During Festival week, the Official Party visits the pediatric wing of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. This is my favorite event because the Festival is brought to the children and they get to be involved.

I want the children at NHRMC to continue to be a part of the Festival all year round, and I plan on continuing to visit the patients as much as possible. When I visited Tuesday, I handed out bubbles, crowns, crayons, and beads to all the patients. Their faces lit up and they were ecstatic. The feeling that I received when I realized I had made someone’s day brighter and better was indescribable. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Michelle (my awesome tour guide, but also the music therapist) and the staff of New Hanover Regional Medical Center for welcoming me. To the boys and girls I met: thank you for laughing, chatting, and just spending time with me. You all are truly spectacular.

Lilly Kays
2016 Azalea Festival Princess

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