April 3-7, 2024



Vote “North Carolina Azalea Festival” as the South’s Best!

Our community has an exciting opportunity to vote for the North Carolina Azalea Festival as the BEST Festival in the south! Southern Living is asking you to cast your vote, and we’d love to see Wilmington, North Carolina featured in this nationwide publication. But we need your help!

Please note, the North Carolina Azalea Festival is not associated with Southern Living. We don’t have access to your vote, personal information, or email address.

Have a favorite unsung barbecue joint in Texas, love a charming small town in South Carolina, or want to share a classic restaurant in Louisiana? Is your city the most livable in the region? Do you have strong opinions on hotels? We’re searching for the South’s best – chosen by you.

No one knows the South better than our Southern Living family, so cast your vote on the places that represent the best of Southern culture and hospitality.

Vote now, and you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway for a chance to win a Grand Prize of $2,500 or one of three prizes of $500.

Make sure your favorite Southern spots make this year’s list. Vote now!

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We’ve created this quick reference to explain how to vote for the North Carolina Azalea Festival. Let’s put Wilmington, NC on the map!

Vote at southernliving.com


This link will take you to the page to cast your vote. Once you’re there, click “Enter Survey” to begin. The first five questions concern the individual: what device you’re using, gender, age, state you reside, and states you’ve visited in the past year.

Now on to voting! When you get to this question about what category you’d like to vote for, you’ll have to select “None of these” in order to vote for festivals.

Be sure to select “None of these” so you can get to the festival category

Once you select “Festivals” as your voting category, you’ll have the option to write-in the “North Carolina Azalea Festival” as your vote.

Once you select the “Festival” category, you’ll have the opportunity to write in “North Carolina Azalea Festival”

Afterward, the survey will ask for your income, marital status, and children (and you’ll have the option to not share this information). Lastly, if you want to enter Southern Living’s giveaway, you’ll be given the chance to enter your email address to win.

Thank you for voting, and we look forward to seeing the North Carolina Azalea Festival as the BEST Festival in the south!

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