April 12-16, 2023



The Azalea Festival is on TikTok!

Of course we are and so are 65.9 million other users in the United States. According to https://www.statista.com/. This figure is projected to increase by 22 percent year-over-year, reaching 73.7 million users by the end of 2021.

So where did it all begin? In 2014 a Chinese based media company launched an app Musical.ly. A short-form, video-sharing app that allowed users to create and share 6-second videos, on any topic. Later in 2016, a very similar media, TikTok, came on the scene in China. However TikTok allowed 15 seconds of video recording time and users could string those clips together to make stories of up to 60 seconds long.With both Musically and TikTok growing in leaps and bounds the two social media outlets were required as one company and merged into the TikTok we know today.

So how did this app get so popular in the United States? TikTok began getting paid partnerships with many celebrities, such as Jimmy Fallon. In November 2018 we can thank Fallon for being one of the first out of the gate ,as he used the app platform for the well known #tumbleweedchallenge. He urged his viewers to post videos on TikTok of themselves rolling like a tumbleweed. To kickstart the challenge, Fallon himself took the challenge. The challenge went viral and gathered over 8,000 entries and 10.4 million engagements, within a week. Take a look for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_kpmrqssFE.

Who is using TikTok ? According to https://wallaroomedia.com/
Here in the US, as of Feb 6, 2021, it is estimated that TikTok has about 80 million monthly active users in the United States. 60% are female, 40% are male. 60% are between the ages of 16-24. 26% are between the ages 25-44.
However these are just the current TikTok audience. We see this age span becoming even more broad as time goes on. So if you are not on TikTok we challenge you to join the millions of other users. To get you started here is a you tube link to show you how simple it is to join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axH9mSYOwIU

Once you are on TikTok you are going to want to follow along with us at @ncazaleafestival. So don’t wait, join us now and see what all the hype is about.

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