April 3-7, 2024



Red, White and Blue

My day in the beautiful city of Southport, N.C. at the July the 4th Festival was filled with patriotism and celebration of our nation’s birthday. The parade was so much fun. I got to see and catch up with Miss Wilmington, Carli Batson, and Miss Wilmington’s Outstanding Teen, Andie Creech, as well as Miss North Carolina’s Outstanding Teen, Caroline Credle.

Mrs. Jean Lawler was so very kind to drive me in her little Volkswagen and we had a great morning smiling and waving at the people in the crowd. Thank you to Camille’s of Wilmington for making sure I was dressed in style while Mrs. Lawler had me riding in style. After the parade, I enjoyed walking around the street fair and looking at the arts and crafts.

My mom and I can always find some shopping to do, so we got a Christmas ornament to commemorate the wonderful day. Thank you to the North Carolina 4th of July Festival Committee and the people of Southport for being so welcoming. I enjoyed talking with people and inviting them to the 2019 Azalea Festival which will take place April 3rd-7th! The 4th of July Festival has been one of my favorite events so far this year. I cannot wait to attend many more events throughout the year and keep y’all updated every the step of the way. Happy 4th!!! XOXO





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