April 7-11, 2021

Princess Farewell

I don’t even know where to begin my last blog entry. My year as your 67th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess has been absolutely incredible. I have been so many places across the state of North Carolina, met lots of wonderful people, made new friends, and done so many amazing things! This experience has been unforgettable, and I know nothing will ever even come close to comparing to it.

Last night at Kenan Auditorium, I gave up my title as the 67th Azalea Festival Princess. It was a very emotional night for me, but it was also so much fun.untitled-795 I loved being on stage, talking to the audience, and asking the top 10 contestants their questions. It was SO much fun watching and participating in the pageant in a totally different light. No nerves waiting to hear the judges’ decision, just lots of fun enjoying the process! At the end of the evening, I helped crown the next Azalea Festival Princess, Lilly Kays. I know sure she will represent the Festival well.

Before I bid farewell, I would like to thank the following people:

  • Amy and Kande – Thank you both so much for all of the hard work you put in each year to this pageant.
  • Mrs. Sharon Evans & the Azalea Festival Youth Committee – Thank you for working so hard to raise the money for the pageant and the scholarships, and making it all come together.
  • The Azalea Festival Board Members – Thank you for your constant support through everything this year, and for always encouraging me!
  • Ms. Alison Baringer – Thank you for all you do for me, for finding me the best parades across the state of North Carolina, and for scheduling all of my appearances.
  • Isabella Grape – Mrs. Connie, Keith, and John – Thank you for always providing me with a jaw-dropping wardrobe, and for taking me in and supporting me so much.
  • Neuwirth Motors – Thank you always providing me with an amazing vehicle for my parades.
  • My Friends and Family – Thank you for being my main support system and always encouraging me.
  • My Mom – Thank you for driving me in all those parades, buying endless car decorations, always supporting and uplifting me, and always pushing me to become a better young lady.

There are so many more unsung heroes in this process – like the support staff at the Azalea Festival office & all the amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to put together our beautiful Festival.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for us this year!  A huge thank you to the North Carolina Azalea Festival and to the city of Wilmington for taking me in as their own and making all this possible!

Haleigh Rose Somberg
Your 2015 North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess