April 7-11, 2021

Mule Days With Princess Haleigh



This past weekend I visited the town of Benson, North Carolina to take part in their 66th Annual Mule Days Festival.  The weather did not cooperate on Saturday, but despite all the rain there was a really good crowd present at the parade.  So many people came out in their rain coats and umbrellas to enjoy the festivities.  Of course, my favorite part of the parade were all the horses and mules who came in at the very end!

DSC_0072_Car crop


IMG_2641_Horse2After the parade, we went to the street fair, where there were vendors and booths as far as the eye could see!  The excitement of the street fair was topped off by the fact that people were riding their horses through the vendor areas.  I even found an awesome pair of cowboy boots!  It was obvious to me that this is a town that treasures and celebrates their heritage!!