April 7-11, 2021

Hometown Christmas Lights

DSC_0038 DSC_0049An evening Christmas Parade in my own hometown…what could be better than that??? I truly enjoyed being a part of this Christmas tradition right here in Wilmington.  I really enjoyed the fact that this was a nighttime parade and we got to decorate our Jeep from Neuwirth with Christmas lights and fun decorations. Keeping with the feel of the Azalea Festival, we used pink and white lights on our Jeep…it turned out so cute!


I had never attended the parade in person before, and was amazed to see how many floats were in the parade and how many spectators were lined up along the parade route.  There were SO many imaginative floats…from a giant sleigh with giant presents to the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

My favorite part of this parade was decorating the Jeep I was riding in…complete with lots of lights, shiny garland and a wreath. I enjoyed visiting with the participants before the start of the parade, and loved seeing some of the people that I knew along the route (like Jean Lawler & Meg Caswell)!!! I was bundled up for this one, because the evening was chilly, but perfect for a Christmas parade.  Thank you to all the people who came out and cheered on all the participants!!