April 3-7, 2024



Official Artwork

The 2023 Official Artwork by artist Ana Brown is Presented by

Each year, the North Carolina Azalea Festival President chooses an artist to create an artistic representation of the North Carolina Azalea Festival. The artist is honored at the Art Unveiling, and Limited Edition signed prints are available for sale in the Azalea Festival Ticket Office. Please note, not all prints are available for purchase.

Past Festival Prints are available for purchase at the North Carolina Azalea Festival Ticket Office.  The current year’s print is $50, the immediate past year’s print is $25, and all other prints are $10.  Please call the Festival Ticket Office for past print availability and prices at (910) 794-4650.

Artist Bio

Ana Brown

Ana Brown, a native of Wilmington, NC,  was given her gift of painting from her grandmother while growing up at Wrightsville Beach.  Whether painting murals, oil and acrylic on canvas, or mixed media, Ana finds creating art to be a blessing through all things life unfolds.

When not raising awareness for colorectal cancer with The Blue Ribbon Run founded for her sister, helping children with special healthcare needs at Welcome Home Angel, or designing with her parents at Sutton’s Rugs, Ana finds joy in creating original works of art inspired by the beautiful coast of Wrightsville Beach and all it has to offer.

Remembering her time as an Azalea Belle in high school at John T. Hoggard, Ana is grateful and extremely honored to have been chosen as the 2023 Azalea Festival Artist.

Ana can often be found at the beach with her amazing husband Mike, her family, and her talented dog Bleu finding oyster shells by the seashore for SeaJules and TwoOysters.


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