Official Artwork

Each year, the North Carolina Azalea Festival President chooses an artist to create an artistic representation of the North Carolina Azalea Festival. The artist is honored at the Art Unveiling, and Limited Edition signed prints are available for sale in the Azalea Festival Ticket Office. Please note, not all prints are available for purchase.

Past Festival Prints are available for purchase at the North Carolina Azalea Festival Ticket Office.  The current year’s print is $50, the immediate past year’s print is $25, and all other prints are $10.  Please call the Festival Ticket Office for past print availability and prices at (910) 794-4650.


2021 Artist Bio
Rachard McIntyre

For Rachard McIntyre art is the most fulfilling part of his life. Since preschool, he has been drawing pictures of images which impressed him upon seeing them.  As a toddler, growing up in Brooklyn, he drew the Manhattan Skyline of New York City. He developed a greater love for art by learning more about style and techniques in school art classes while also excelling in math and English.

Many of Rachard’s earlier drawings were of superheroes. He was particularly fond of the comic book and magazine characters created by Alex Ross the famous writer and illustrator for Marvel. 

Today, Rachard has created hundreds of works of art using various methods of pencil sketching, watercolor, ink-well pen drawing, acrylic and oil paintings. “McIntyre has an impressive collection of exceptionally detailed pen and ink portraits but one of his most signature techniques is creating images out of words.” He researches people and events and then draws and shapes images using those words.

One of his favorite paintings is The Azalea. Rachard lives in Wilmington and every spring he is mesmerized by the beautiful blossoms of the plants lining the streets and resting in the landscaping of one of the most beautiful cities in North Carolina. Rachard used watercolor to recreate a stunningly beautiful bloom of a Pink Formosa azalea. Eventually, this painting caught the attention of Azalea Festival President, Deirdre McGlone-Webb, who commissioned Rachard to recreate the painting in word art. Thus “WORDS IN BLOOM” came to life on canvas.

Rachard is a graduate of Cape Fear Community College. His works of art have been on display at the Cameron Museum of Art in Wilmington, North Carolina, the University of Texas, the Wyche Gallery on the campus of Southeastern Community College, the Hart Witzen Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, and at the Wilmington International Airport’s quarterly exhibit coordinated through the local Arts Council.

Rachard receives invitations to display his work at many local arts and cultural events in North Carolina. He looks forward to continuing to showcase his work in the state he calls home.

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