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Grace, Kindness and Poise

On June 23rd, 2018 I attended the final night of the Miss North Carolina Pageant and it was a night filled with entertainment and inspiration. The hard work of countless volunteers, judges, families, and contestants made the final night of the 2018 Miss North Carolina Pageant a night to remember for all. I was honored to attend and cheer on the 2018 Azalea Festival Queen’s Court while they competed for the title of Miss North Carolina. All of the contestants were extremely talented, beautiful, and poised.

Amy, Kande and I at the Miss NC Pageant


I was very proud of the members of our Queen’s Court for all of their hard work and dedication to the Miss American Organization. At the end of the night Miss Metrolina Laura Matrazzo, who was a member of the 2018 Queen’s Court, was crowned the 81st Miss North Carolina. She is so deserving of the title and I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things she will accomplish this year. I was honored to invite the new Miss North Carolina to next year’s azalea festival!

Andi Creech Miss Wilmington Outstanding Teen and I


Attending this pageant reminded me of my time on the pageant stage, when I was crowned the 70th Azalea Festival Princess. All of the inspiring women that took the stage Saturday night are great role models to me and I cannot wait to see what all of them do next. I was also honored to be apart of the 80th Miss North Carolina, Victoria Huggins’, farewell. Victoria has always been the epitome of grace and kindness and she was an amazing representative of our state.

Once again congratulations to the new Miss North Carolina, Laura Matrazzo! I cannot wait to cheer you on at Miss America and see you at next year’s Azalea Festival! XOXO

Photo courtesy of Missamericanc- Instagram


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