April 12-16, 2023



Five-Inch-Heels & A Tractor

From the time I arrived in Benson, NC to the moment I got in my car to go home, the kindness and generosity of the people at Mule Days was overwhelming. Before the parade started, a man even let me sit on his HUGE tractor and take photos. I had never sat on a legitimate, six-foot-tall tractor before. I now know trying to get on a tractor in five inch heels is a struggle, but not impossible.

img_3912_edit2The parade was one of the biggest I had ever seen! There were thousands of people, and they all were extremely excited and filled with energy. After the parade, I was amazed by the number of street vendors. There were so many handmade goods such as jewelry, wreaths, clothes, and soaps…I wanted to buy everything. Some of the vendors were locals and some travelled from far away just to participate in the Mule Days festivities. I hope that some of them will be vendors at the 70th North Carolina Azalea Festival Street Fair to share all their homemade goods with us Wilmingtonians.

img_3905_edit2I would once again like to thank the North Carolina Azalea Festival President, Jean Lawler, and her family for driving up to Benson and driving me in the parade. Y’all are some of my biggest supporters, and I am so grateful for everything you do for the Azalea Festival!

Although I had never heard of the Mule Days Festival before this past weekend, I hope everyone takes a trip to Benson to experience the generosity and kindness at the Mule Days Festival!

Lilly Kays
2016 North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess

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