April 3-7, 2024



North Carolina Blueberry Festival Visit

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to represent the North Carolina Azalea Festival at the NC Blueberry Festival Pageant. I enjoyed being able to share my dance talent duet with the audience and loved watching all the amazing young ladies compete.

A huge congratulations to Rileigh Pederson, who served on the Azalea Princess Court with me this year, on being crowned the 2022 – 2023 Miss Blueberry.  Congratulations to all the other amazing winners!

Huge Shout out to Camille’s of Wilmington for my beautiful cocktail dress. Remember to check them out for all your prom, special occasion and wedding needs.

I am looking forward to another wonderful weekend representing the NC Azalea Festival at the Rhododendron Festival in Bakersville, NC. Stay tuned for updates!

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