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And the 82nd Miss North Carolina is……

And the 82nd Miss North Carolina is……Miss Jacksonville Alexandra Badgett!!! 

On June 22nd I attended the final night of the 82nd annual Miss North Carolina pageant, and got to witness Laura Matrazzo pass the crown onto the stunning Alexandra Badgett. The stage was set up so beautifully, and one of my favorite parts was watching the fun opening number! 

Miss America Nia Franklin and I

It was a perfect night in downtown Raleigh, and I had come straight from one of my favorite places in North Carolina, a family reunion week at the Outer Banks. My mom and I had been looking forward to this evening, and we sat in suspense for the contestants. It was also exciting because we were right near Miss America, Nia Franklin! She performed an angelic and beautiful opera piece which only the audience got to see. It was nothing like I’ve ever heard before, and she drew in the entire audience. I also met her at the reception (she’s awesome) and got a picture too! Going into this year I would’ve never foreseen being given the opportunity to introduce myself to such honorable and strong women. I feel so blessed to be able to meet them personally. 

I really admired how much love and support the girls showed each other on stage, it reminded me of my court, along with all of the friendships that I built from the Azalea Festival Princess pageant just a few months ago. Watching the Miss North Carolina pageant unfold gave me flashbacks to the feelings I felt preparing for my own pageant. Nervous excitement and so much joy. 

As it was narrowed down to Top 15, Top 10, and finally the Top 5, I realized how nerve wracking it is to be sitting in the audience! There were several contestants that I knew that made this night even more meaningful. They were so impressive. 

It was truly my pleasure to have met Laura Matrazzo at the 2019 Azalea Festival this past April, she was incredibly inspiring to me, and a shining example of grace and gratitude. That night, she performed a tap routine and her farewell speech was touching. She decided to round out her year in the same way she began it, with her former fellow contestants circled around her in celebration of her crowning, and this time her farewell. I thought that was so unique. I look forward to seeing what she has in store this year, I know it’s something extraordinary. 

Miss North Carolina Alexandra Badgett

As the time ticked by and the phases of competition were complete, Miss Jacksonville Alexandra Badgett was left standing, and I could already tell the judges picked a genuine and capable women for the job. I wish I could’ve seen the entire week of competition, this is on next year’s agenda for sure!

Following her crowning, I attended a reception at the Aloft hotel where I was fortunate enough to meet our new Miss North Carolina and give her an official invitation to the 2020 Azalea Festival! She was unable to apply to the Queen’s court this year because she acquired her title after the deadline, so she said she is so excited and can’t wait to be one of the special guests this coming April!! My mom and I met her mom too! 

Inviting Miss North Carolina to the 2020 Azalea Festival

Another night to add to the list of ones that I will cherish, I am full of gratitude to be able to continue to be a part of things like this while representing our grand festival. 

I couldn’t be happier for Alexandra, she is so kind and deserving, and I hope that I will run into her again soon. I will be cheering you on at the Miss America competition! 

All my love,

Claire-Emma Britt

2019 Azalea Festival Princess

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