April 3-7, 2024



A Look Back at the BEST WEEK EVER!

First off let me just say… BEST WEEK EVER!! 

Got to kick off the week with the Azalea Sweep! The volunteers, fellow princesses, and I got to give Greenfield Lake a little makeover. Cleaning up our beautiful town of Wilmington is such a simple act of service that gave me so much joy. I also got to meet the soon to be Azalea Queen, Victoria Huggins.

Our next event included the beautiful crowning for the even more beautiful queen, Victoria Huggins! I can’t believe there have been 74 Azalea Queens! 74th queen means 74 waves all over Wilmington. I was lucky to be part of her first wave AND Coronation sponsored by BB&T now, Truist! Thank you Renaissance Dental for my camera ready smile and Camilles of Wilmington for my lovely dress. The queen and I ended up matching in our white dresses which was a fun surprise of the day. 

The rest of my week was filled with some of the best food I have ever had by top chef Katsuji Tanabe. The Chef’s Series included Oceanic, Hops Supply Co, and Bluewater Waterfront Grill. It was lovely meeting all of the patrons and new friends each night. A special shoutout to a couple that I met that gave me a new hashtag… #pandemicprincess!!

On April 9th the Azalea Festival collaborated with my school, Coastal Christian High school, to host a Secret Garden Party! I got to spend the day with my friends at our school function and then zoom into the Azalea Festivities online! It was such a unique way to be in two places at one time! People from all over the world zoomed into our modified garden party. 

The morning of April 10th I got to join in another wave of the queen 48/74 at one of the Historic Wilmington Foundation Houses! The home was absolutely beautiful! It looked like the Easter Bunny’s house!

I got to finish my morning and festival week off at the Salvation Army. On the way back from the Wilmington Foundation I saw these lovely ladies on the side of the road raising money so I had to stop by! Little did I know how much they would light up my week. 

What an amazing week with some amazing people! I am more than thankful and blessed to have been a part of this weeks festivities. A huge shoutout to the Azalea Festival staff and volunteers for bringing the festival spirit in a trying time of the covid virus. I am super excited to see what the rest of this summer brings!

Lots of love,

#Pandemic Princess 

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