April 7-11, 2021

2015 Volunteer Appreciation Event

The success of the North Carolina Azalea Festival is made possible through the hard work and dedication of a large corps of community volunteers. Nearly 100 volunteer committees plan and organize events such as the Parade, the Street Fair, the Spring Soiree, and the community clean-up called Azalea Sweep, as well as critical operations such as communications, transportation, sponsor relations and event hospitality.

Our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event was held at Airlie Gardens, and our volunteers enjoyed a sweet, Southern-style party held in their honor. At the event, the North Carolina Azalea Festival also announced the addition of Board member Ms. Dee McGlone-Webb. We are looking forward to having her join the Festival in this new role!

Are you interested in volunteering with the North Carolina Azalea Festival? Click HERE to go to our Volunteer Application page where you can register!

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