April 7-11, 2021

10 Places You Can Adventure in Wilmington with the #HelloSummer Pack

Looking for fun activities this summer?! Have an adventure in your own backyard with the Limited Edition #hellosummer Azalea Festival Package: includes a cooler, two freakers, and two cups (choice of color). They’re on SALE at the Azalea Festival Ticket Office (5725 Oleander Drive Unit B7) for only $28. We supply the #hellosummer pack and the fun is up to you!

Hello Summer Post _3

  1. Day on the beach – With Carolina, Kure, and Wrightsville to choose from (not to mention surrounding beaches), the #hellosummer pack is ideal for keeping you cool.
  2. Picnic at Poplar Grove Plantation – Hit the Farmer’s Market Wednesday morning and stick around to enjoy the view.
  3. Nature program at Halyburton Park – Sign up in advance for a nature program on bugs, bats, or plants at Halyburton and pack your lunch and/or snacks with the #hellosummer pack.
  4. Rainy day living room forts – We all know the weather can be iffy during the summer in Wilmington, so stay indoors to build a fort and “campout” with snacks.
  5. Pool day – swim, hydrate, swim, hydrate
  6. Serpentarium – If you don’t like snakes, this probably isn’t the place for you. Not to worry, they’re all locked up tight!
  7. Canoe/kayak/SUP – Our Port City is teeming with water-recreation opportunities! Cool off afterwards with a #hellosummer pack.
  8. Surprise mom/dad/brother/sister/*insert name here* with a lunch or snack at work! (Make sure you have permission first!)
  9. Trip to the library – Go to the library, pick out some incredible reads, and find a nice spot. Supply the #hellosummer pack with lots of water and yummy treats to munch on!
  10. Lemonade Stand – Set up a lemonade stand (pricing is up to you), and store treats to sell (we recommend popsicles)!

Call us at (910) 794-4650 to reserve your #hellosummer Azalea Festival Package: includes a cooler, two freakers, and two cups (choice of color) on SALE for $28. Available now at the Azalea Festival Ticket Office – 5725 Oleander Drive Unit B7.