April 2-6, 2025



🍉Fair Bluff Watermelon Festival🍉

Absolutely nothing beats a nice cold slice of watermelon on a blistering summer day, which is what makes the Fair Bluff watermelon festival so special. I had a blast doing the famous river walk, strolling through the street fair, competing in the watermelon eating contest (even though I didn’t win), and riding in the parade. 

I was also lucky to run into the Rhododendron festival royalty, past and present, and spend the day watching visiting queens perform. 

Before the parade I had to do a quick outfit change after my first dress got soaked by watermelon juice, but luckily for me Camille’s of Wilmington supplied me with this gorgeous yellow Rachel Allan cocktail dress. It was definitely a crowd pleaser, along with my watermelon fan!

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