April 12-16, 2023



DGX Street Fair

Apr 14 - Apr 16

The Street Fair provides an array of shopping and food opportunities with over 250 Vendors along the streets of historic downtown. The Waterfront Street Fair will also feature plenty of entertainment with special areas such as the Children’s Area and the Novant Health Performing Arts Stage featuring multicultural and children's performances!

DGX Street Fair Areas

Novant Health Performing Arts Stage
FREE family-friendly multicultural and children's performances.  This takes place Saturday & Sunday, April 15-16, 2023.  

Street Fair Children’s Area
The Street Fair Children’s Area is a family-friendly part of the Street Fair made just for kids! Guests enjoy family-friendly vendors, and hands-on activities. This is a FREE event that takes place Saturday & Sunday, April 15-16, 2023.

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Street Fair Partners




Matthews Motors Truck and Accessory Center Lounge
Located in the heart of the Street Fair is the Matthews Motors Lounge where you can find shade under the tent, seating, and see local talent. You can also find information and some Festival Merchandise.

Art Walk presented by Cape Fear Community College Art Club

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Thank You for Supporting Our Volunteers


2023 Vendor Info Vendor Registration

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Below you will find a list of FAQs regarding being a vendor at our Waterfront Street Fair. If you have any questions about the Street Fair please email us at streetfair@ncazaleafestival.org.


  • When is the North Carolina Azalea Festival Street Fair?
    The North Carolina Azalea Festival is April 15-16, 2023. The Street Fair takes place that weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). See schedule below:
    Friday: 6pm-10pm (Food Vendors only, others optional)
    Saturday: 10am-6pm (All Vendors)
    Saturday: 6pm-10pm (Food Vendors only, others optional)
    Sunday: 10am-6pm (All Vendors)
  • When is registration?
    Registration will open late summer of 2022!  
  • Where is the Street Fair?
    The Street Fair is located in downtown Wilmington.
  • Can I bring my pet with me?
    Sorry, no pets or animals are allowed for any purpose at the Waterfront Street Fair due to city ordinance.
  • What is your expected attendance?
    We anticipate over 200,000 visitors and residents enjoying the Waterfront Street Fair this year.
  • How does weather affect the Street Fair?
    We will try and continue the Street Fair in rain and wind unless it becomes hazardous. In hazardous situations, we recommend vendors shutting down their booths temporarily.
  • How do I apply to be a part of the Street Fair?
    In order to be considered as a vendor for the Street Fair, applicants must complete the online application, which is submitted to the North Carolina Azalea Festival Street Fair Committee, along with a non-refundable $25.00 mandatory application fee. Upon completion of the online application, you will receive a confirmation email. All requested documentation can be sent to the email address provided, and an application will not be considered unless all documents and photos are submitted. Please note, current insurance information is not needed until you receive an acceptance notification.
  • How do you choose vendors for the Street Fair?
    The North Carolina Azalea Festival Street Fair Committee is made up of volunteers who donate their time, energy, and resources each year to make the Waterfront Street Fair a success. Ultimately, the decision to accept vendors comes from a combination of the volunteer Street Fair Committee, staff, and interns. Applications are reviewed in order, and we give preference to vendors that have all documentation and photos submitted.
  • I sell ________________. Will the committee accept me?
    We have a variety of vendors at the Street Fair. If you believe you have a unique, well-made product, we absolutely encourage you to apply.
  • How can I perform at the Street Fair?
    There are both roving and stationary performers like jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, and musical groups (drums, guitar soloist, chorus, etc.). If you are interested in performing, please email streetfair@ncazaleafestival.org.
  • I don’t have access to a computer. Can I complete a paper application?
    The Street Fair application is solely an online application. If you don’t have a personal computer at home, we recommend your local library. If you absolutely can’t access a computer, please call our office and we would be more than happy to help you complete the application on our end.
  • How do I know what kind of vendor I am (Arts & Crafts, Commercial, Food)?
    Arts & Crafts: artisans creating their own products to sell without a physical storefront
    Commercial: vendors who have physical storefronts or who are selling merchandise wholesale
    Food: vendors who are preparing food on site
    **Non-Profit: we accept 10 non-profit booths on a first come, first serve basis for a discounted $75 booth fee. More non-profits can apply but will have to pay the standard booth fee.
  • Can I choose my location?
    Vendors can select their desired area.  Placement is based on a first-pay, first-serve basis to those vendors who have paid in full first. Secondly, we typically try to place returning vendors in the same location if space is available and worked well for both parties in the past. The Street Fair configuration changes often due to construction or other reasons, and we need to be flexible when placing vendors. Due to logistical issues, there is a chance that vendors will need to be relocated on-site.
  • The online application won’t accept my photos. What do I do?
    The database will only accept photos under 1MB. Try making your photos smaller by using an online photo editing site (link to PicMonkey), or you can follow these steps below:
    Step 1. Call or email our office and explain the issue. We will send you a placeholder photo via email that you can 1) save to your desktop and 2) upload to your application.
    Step 2. Submit your application with the placeholder photos.
    Step 3. Email us your actual photos as soon as possible – please be sure to include your name and business name (if applicable) so we can match the photos with the correct application.
  • Do I have to have an NC sales tax ID?
    Yes, every vendor is required to have a NC sales tax ID whether you live in North Carolina or another state. To get a NC sales tax ID, please fill out the NC-BR form with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. This can be done online at www.dornc.com or by calling 1(877) 252-3052 for more information.
  • What if I don’t have insurance/what is a COI?
    Every vendor is required to provide` up to $1 million in event insurance. If you don’t have insurance, Harold Wells Insurance will provide you with coverage for the three day Street Fair during the Azalea Festival. They can be reached at (910) 762-8551. You will be required to submit your Certificate of Insurance (COI) once you have been accepted as a vendor.
  • I’ve submitted my application – now what?
    You will be notified by the Street Fair team 2-4 weeks within the submission of your application whether you have been accepted or denied. If you have been approved, you will receive directions on how to pay. Please note that spots are not final until they have been paid for in full. Food vendors may have longer to wait for approvals.
  • Why did I get denied?
    Vendors can get denied for a variety of reasons, and a lot of those reasons may not have anything to do with your product. We work hard to make the Waterfront Street Fair diverse and interesting. We do not accept thrift stores or knock-off brands. We also do not accept political or issue-based vendors in efforts to make the Street Fair confrontational and a comfortable, enjoyable environment for all. We do not discriminate based on age, race, or gender.
  • How much is my booth payment/what is included in the cost of the booth?

Non-Profit Charitable Organizations (space limited) – $100
Arts & Crafts Vendor – $300
Arts & Crafts Vendor Double – $600
Small Business Commercial Vendor – $600
Small Business Commercial Vendor Double – $1,200
Corporation & National Brand Vendor – $1200
Corporation & National Brand Vendor Double – $2400
Food Vendor (10×10 frontage) – $850
Food Vendor Double (10×20 frontage) – $1,600
Downtown Business in Waterfront Street Fair Zone – $200

Your booth payment includes space at the Street Fair – vendors will be required to provide their own tables, chairs, tents, signage, and etc. Vendors can pay with debit/credit card, check, certified check, or money order.
What if I need power and/or water at my booth?
Please be sure to notate on your initial application that you would like power. Power is an additional fee that will be added on to your booth fee. You will need to provide your own fire extinguisher and your own power cord to hook-up. The Fire Department will be checking booths throughout the Waterfront Street Fair. Please note: Food vendors have power and water already included in their booth fee.

  • What payment types can vendors accept?
    Vendors typically accept cash or check. If you have the ability to accept credit/debit using iSquare or another device, that is acceptable. And all PCI compliance regulations shall be assumed by the vendor.
  • I’m traveling to the Street Fair. Where do you recommend I stay?
    The Hotel Ballast is the closest property to the Street Fair and serves as the Azalea Festival headquarters during the Festival. The rooms fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible!
  • How will I know where my booth is/restrooms/Street Fair Command Center/parking?
    We will send out vendor packets prior to the Azalea Festival that includes everything you need to know about the Street Fair. Each vendor will receive a map depicting parking, restrooms, and etc. Your booth location will be included in this packet. Please note, we won’t be mailing out packets until March. This is to ensure that we give you the most accurate information possible. All vendors will be responsible for checking in on Friday. You can come check-in at any time on Friday between 9AM-5PM.
  • What if I have to cancel/don’t show up?
    We do not give refunds for cancellations. However, under severe circumstances, an approval may be granted for a refund if we are notified in advance.
  • What else is going on during the North Carolina Azalea Festival?
    The North Carolina Azalea Festival has over 50 events with something for everyone! Please visit our website at ncazaleafestival.org for event information!
  • Are there sponsorship opportunities?
    Yes! Street Fair booths are incorporated into some of our sponsorship opportunities already, and we can absolutely create customized sponsorships. Many opportunities come with ticket packages to our events, such as the Concerts and private networking events & galas. Contact us at streetfair@ncazaleafestival.org if you are interested!
  • My question isn’t listed. Can someone help me?

Of course! Please call our office Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to talk to one of our Waterfront Street Fair interns, volunteers, or staff. the number is 910-794-4650.  We are eager to help you make this experience incredible!