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North Carolina Azalea Festival

Archive for September 2016

Beginner’s Guide: How To Best Experience The North Carolina Azalea Festival

Becoming a Patron Sponsor is the BEST way to experience the North Carolina Azalea Festival because…we compiled our most southern, entertaining events into one ultimate package: The Patron Package. The Patron Package Want to enjoy all the North Carolina Azalea Festival Fun…which includes tickets for two for three days of entertainment? As a Festival Patron, you…

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Patience, Confidence, Kindness & Leadership

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to girls and boys at the YMCA as part of an 11-week day camp for kids of all ages. Once I arrived, I was overcome with excitement as I looked at all the attentive, happy, and respectful boys and girls. We discussed the North Carolina Azalea Festival…

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