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North Carolina Azalea Festival

Archive for March 2016

Wilmington’s Passion Shines Through In Annual Azalea Festival

Wilmington, N.C., March 30, 2016: Just in time for the 69th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival (April 6-10), spring arrives in Wilmington and its island beaches with warm weather and azaleas at every turn. During early spring, azaleas dominate Wilmington landscapes with brilliant splashes of pink, red, white and purple. To say that Wilmingtonians are…

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My "Crowning" Achievement

WOW! It has officially been one whole week since I was crowned the 68th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess and I can honestly it has been my “crowning” achievement. Before I get into all that I have accomplished this week, there are many people I would like to thank: God– With you anything is possible.…

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Princess Farewell

I don’t even know where to begin my last blog entry. My year as your 67th North Carolina Azalea Festival Princess has been absolutely incredible. I have been so many places across the state of North Carolina, met lots of wonderful people, made new friends, and done so many amazing things! This experience has been…

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